Three new widgets, hot off the assembly line. February 15, 2015 17:15

Very excited to get back into the widget game, after a short time working on updating our existing library. 

Let's get started!

Small Caps & Title Case

According to Adobe, Small Caps has not been introduced as an option because of inconsistent browser support. Although true, all major browsers will create pseudo-small caps using standard capitals at a smaller font size. But praise Adobe for being the purists that we also like to be, because they are waiting for something better. (Adobe are also assuming designers will use font families that include actual small cap faces. Those are few and far between, unfortunately.) In the meanwhile, web design is still at a "concede and accept" stage versus traditional persnickety print design demands. We know web design is nowhere near print design's precision just yet, but we see it coming at a rapid clip. Until then, we feel that any version of small caps will do just fine. So here is our temporary solution in widget form. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

100% Width Video

Full Width Video WidgetHere's a widget that should be standard issue in every designer's toolkit: the full-width video widget. There are many of these out there, but ours features a few bonus options that allow you to position the video juuuuuuuuuust where you want it to be. You can find all the details on the product page, including screen shots and live previews. 

Notes to Self

Sticky Notes for Adobe MuseThis is one of our favorite widgets of all time. We are super excited to release this one because we've been looking for a simple workflow solution since we started using Muse. And this is it. The plain 'ol sticky note. For so long, I've wanted a way to keep notes in Muse. I tried creating layers that I labeled "DO NOT PUBLISH" or "TURN OFF VISIBILITY BEFORE PUBLISHING," but you can imagine I would never remember to do that. Then my notes and reminders, thoughts on workflow, ideas to try here and there... all would publish right along with everything else. Drag as many of these widgets onto your desktop as you like. Change their color, their type, their size. Put them on the canvas or right on the page. They won't harm a thing. Please let us know what you think!

What else are we working on?

We can't give away our secrets, but let's just say we have several more "toolkits" in the immediate pipeline. We have heard from many of you that you like a suite of multiple widgets in one library package.

Okay okay, another hint... more ecommerce solutions, coming right up.