More video tutorials for our "Tablesmith" table widget May 12, 2015 16:17 7 Comments

We continue to add video tutorials for our exciting "Tablesmith" widget, and we appreciate your patience in doing so!

This video focuses on using paragraph styles and the Styles "widgette" to control the formatting for your table data in your Muse project. So much control and functionality that it takes several widgets to do it all. 

Discrepancies between websites... uugh! February 4, 2015 23:07

Just a note that we are aware of issues between this site and other locations out there on the wonderful wide web, notably pricing conflicts. We'll be working over the next 24 hours to make sure all prices are in sync! 

We're also aware that because of our new website, many links pointing to are broken -- especially those on We have sent updated URLs to them and are waiting for the changes to be made. They're pretty awesome, so it should be quickly. 

Thank you for your patience!