Three new widgets, hot off the assembly line. February 15, 2015 17:15

Very excited to get back into the widget game, after a short time working on updating our existing library. 

Small Caps & Title Case

100% Width Video

Notes to Self

Let's get started!

Widget Change Log February 13, 2015 17:57

With the fine folks at the Adobe Muse team releasing v2014.3 of our beloved software yesterday, we took this opportunity to update every single widget. Admittedly, several of our widgets needed sprucing up, and those changes are outlined below. But we also wanted to take full advantage of two exciting new features in Muse widget flyout panels: the color picker and the file picker

New Release of Muse February 13, 2015 13:46

I hope everyone has had a chance to download and install the newly released version of Adobe Muse? If not, you'll want to take advantage of the several new features, but especially the amazing speed and stability improvements in the background. The team at Muse have been working hard over the last several months to tighten up the code, so you'll definitely want to update your projects as soon as possible.

Most notably for users of third-party widgets, you'll see two additional enhancements in the flyout panel: a color picker and a file picker. We'll post our favorites over the weekend -- until then, we're finishing up with updating all our widgets. Free updates for widgets you've purchased, and free updates for All Access Members. 

Stay tuned!

Discrepancies between websites... uugh! February 4, 2015 23:07

Just a note that we are aware of issues between this site and other locations out there on the wonderful wide web, notably pricing conflicts. We'll be working over the next 24 hours to make sure all prices are in sync! 

We're also aware that because of our new website, many links pointing to are broken -- especially those on We have sent updated URLs to them and are waiting for the changes to be made. They're pretty awesome, so it should be quickly. 

Thank you for your patience!