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Insert and format a quote from a daily RSS quotation feed supplied by Great for bumper sliders between horizontal page sections, or for header or footer interest.  Choose from the following topics: Art, Funny, Love, Nature, and Quote of the Day.

For your formatting ease and designing pleasure, we created some Muse paragraph, graphic and hyperlink styles -- simply drag the widget to your canvas, reformat the widget container to match your design, and then redefine each style definition in the Hyperlinks, Paragraph and Graphic Styles panels by right-clicking and selecting "Redefine..." Easy peasy!

While some of Muse's native text, paragraph, graphic and hyperlink styling can be applied, some of the formatting must be done in the widget's flyout panel.

If all formatting attempts fail, you can always select the widget container on the canvas, and then go up to OBJECT > Clear All Styling to start over.

Using "Paragraph Styles" to style the Quote of the Day.

  1. Drag the widget onto your canvas, and a paragraph style "brainyQuote" will automatically be added to your Paragraph Style panel. 
  2. Create a new text container on your page and type a few words.
  3. Apply the "brainyQuote" paragraph style to the text. 
  4. Then, make any changes to the text to represent how you would like your Quote of the Day to appear.
  5. Update the paragraph style by right-clicking on the "brainyQuote" style in the Paragraph Styles panel and choosing "Redefine Style."
  6. Your Quote of the Day should then take on that text formatting when refreshed. (Refresh by resizing the Quote container a little, then undo-ing that to size it back to it's former dimensions.)

Here is a video I created that demonstrates the procedure. Although the video is using a different widget, the concept is the same. 


So you have a paragraph style from your project already...

Alternatively, you can create or use your own existing paragraph style by typing the name of that paragraph style into the widget's flyout panel, replacing "brainyQuote" as the default. 

The person's name is a hyperlink

The quote attribution (the person's name) is formatted by hyperlinks. A hyperlink style is automatically added when you drag the widget onto your canvas. Change it to match your project, or if you already have a hyperlink style created...

  1. Select the BrainyQuote widget's container
  2. Go up to the hyperlinks menu
  3. Choose your hyperlink style 

If you have any questions at all, please email us at We're happy to help!

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