Hover Cards (Vol 2)

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The images on this page are preview images only; to experience the hover cards, click the Live Preview link above.

Cards are all the rage. Featuring bold styling and impactful images, card-inspired design dominates all Google sites, plus Pinterest, and WordPress sites. (For example, check out the Everyday Designer website.)

The Next Web

The Next Web

How Cards Are Taking Over Web Design >>

Each of our cards in Volume 2 is designed to be left-justified (while Volume 1 cards are designed to be centered) -- but this is only to satisfy our need for categorization. All hover cards are fantastically customizable. Your existing Paragraph Styles can be used to match type formatting perfectly, and card animations can be adjusted to encourage visitor interaction.

Best of all, these cards are based on pure, clean, simple CSS for quick loading and solid performance.

Use these cards to lead visitors to related subject matter elsewhere on your site, resize them as animated navigational buttons, or use them as interactive question and answer-upon-hover cards... you can even line up a nice grid of cards as image-based buttons that entice visitors to download files. The possibilities are endless. 

15 Delicious Examples of Card-based Web Design

Included with this set are seven Hover Card widgets, plus all seven sample images used in the demos as an added bonus.

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