Muse Supply Co graphic resources and image assets for Adobe Muse

Working hard, day and night, to bring you some beautiful, high quality graphic resources to add to your designer toolkit.


Background Assets to add a little style and unity to your Muse project. Keeping track of current design trends, we will keep your library up-to-date with images that are ready to drop into your site -- all optimized for Adobe Muse.
Overlay Assets for Adobe Muse Our Overlay Assets uses Muse's ability to quickly and easily place a transparent object over another web design element, or in some cases, combine the two using background images and color fills. Some overlays may actually not have an image at all, but will instead use coding in the background.
Graphic Assets for Adobe Muse Head to our Graphic Assets whenever you need tasteful graphic elements, including social media icons, badges, frames, arrows and mockup images.
Texture Assets for Adobe Muse Texture Assets work also as background images, or, with transparency, can add just the right touch to your existing images.
Scalable Vector Assets for Adobe Muse Nothing beats the perfection of Scalable Vector Assets when it comes to image clarity and semi-responsive design.
Font Assets for Adobe Muse Face it, the designer's favorite tool are fonts, but only recently has font selection exploded into web design. Keep up with our favorite Font Assets and where to get them online -- in most cases, for FREE!