Muse Supply Co -- Member Access

Heres what you get for $29:


  • A private DOWNLOADS page with access to EVERY WIDGET designed and engineered by Muse Supply Co. Download them individually, categorically, or all as one library. 
  • Access to EVERY TEMPLATE and ALL DESIGN ASSETS as they are produced and published. Quality resources optimized for use in Adobe Muse, including backgrounds, photos, icons, textures, color palettes, and stylized versions of existing widgets. 
  • Access to every NEW PRODUCT as released, throughout the course of your subscription. You won't have to pay for new widgets, templates or assets as long as you're a member. New items will automatically show up in your list of available Downloads.
  • YOUR SUBSCRIPTION RATE WILL NEVER INCREASE. Your rate will be locked in at the same rate from when you subscribe, FOREVER, as long as you remain a current subscriber. 

     As we build our inventory, the subscription rate will naturally rise. 
      Subscribe now to lock your annual rate of $29 for life. 

    1. Create a super easy account with Muse Supply Co here.
    2. Return to this page and click "Add to Cart" above to purchase the annual membership.
    3. From your Cart page, click "Checkout." (When you check out, make sure you are logged in under the shiny new account you created in Step 1.)
    4. After payment is accepted, you will see a link to download your files.
    Bookmark that Downloads page, or save your confirmation email with a link to your files. Of course you can always return to our site, log in if necessary, and access all your downloads hereCheck back often! If you agreed to join our email updates, we'll notify you with each new release.


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