Blend Modes

$ 5.00

VERY exciting widget here, folks. Use this one to create a composite of two images non-destructively using blend modes familiar to Photoshop and Illustrator users.

Just look what you'll be able to do:

Blend Modes widget for Adobe Muse

We even had fun with our own logo. Check out our demo and training video on youtube to see what some grungy wallpaper can do:  

In the demo video above, we featured a beautiful photograph called "Office Shelves" that comes from Dustin Lee at Retro Supply Co. If you're interested in more stunning retro-tastic graphic design assets, tools, actions, brushes, textures... all kinds of top-notch resources, be sure to check out

Retro Supply Co


 Another great resource for you, check out these BEAUTIFUL blurred backgrounds available from our buddy Chris Spooner from Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics

 40 Free High-Resolution Vibrant Blurred Backgrounds. Scale these high-res images down in your favorite image editing software to make them a little more web-friendly, and then combine them with your favorite photos using the Blend Modes widget. You'll be amazed at the exciting effects you can achieve!


C'mon, Internet Explorer...  get with the program.

Although this widget is only supported by almost all browsers (IE is sleeping on the functionality that powers this goodie), we are still confident enough to release it because it's just that exciting. The good news is that our widget still renders your primary image in Internet Explorer, but without the "effect" of blending modes. (If you watched the video, we showed you what this means.)

Cross-browser compatibility for background blend modes

To verify current compatibility, however, you can check for the latest browser support here.

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