Drop Caps

$ 5.00

In our continuing line of Typography Widgets, this is a simple drop-in bit that will automatically create drop-style initial caps for longer lengths of text. In the widget flyout panel, choose font, size, and various positioning parameters to help break up monotonous lines of copy.

To create an unformatted Character Style named "dropCaps" in Muse:

  1. Clear all selections on your canvas
  2. Select the arrow tool
  3. Open the Character Styles panel
  4. Select NONE
  5. Create a new character style based on NONE
  6. Label it "dropCaps" 
  7. Use the text tool to select individual first letters of paragraphs where you want drop caps.

To find the name of the font:

  1. From a blank page in Muse, type something in the font you want to use for your Drop Cap.
  2. Preview this page in your browser of choice.
  3. View the source code of this page:
    1. Right-click and choose "View Source Code," or
    2. Find something like "View Source Code" from a menu in your browser.
  4. At the top of the source code for this page, look for a link to css/site_global.css? followed by a string of numbers. Click on that link to open the CSS file for your page.
  5. Use the Find command (ctrl-F or cmd-F) to search for your font. Try entering only a few characters of the font name.
  6. Copy the name as it appears after "font-family:" and paste this into the Font field in the Drop Caps widget flyout panel. 

 Although not the DropCaps widget, here is a video demonstrating similar steps to using Character Styles to apply widget effects to your Muse project:

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