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One version or our RSS Feeder widget relies on a Google API code that was recently deprecated, causing our widget to break. We apologize for the interruption and will be working to rebuild this widget. Please check your websites for affected content. Our older versions of the widget (v1.33) still works, but is somewhat more restricted in feature options.

Place and configure to bring any number of RSS feeds onto your site, with lots of styling options.

Use our RSS Feeder widget to drop any RSS feed into your Muse site. With the power to handle one feed or one hundred. Powerful styling options include the ability to chose text font, size and color, story thumbnails if available, automatic scrolling options, and height and width of the container.

RSS Feeder works perfectly if you want to include the text from your blog hosted by, or any time you want dynamic information relevant to your site's content.

Best of all, once styled, the feed is automatic!

Sources for RSS Feeds

Here are some useful links to some RSS directories and some good places to start looking for the RSS feed you need. These pages have lists of RSS feeds where you can just right click the RSS icon (or link) and select "copy the link address" from the drop-down menu. You can then paste it into the URL field in the widget. Some of these pages are "hallway" pages that have doorways to other pages of content which will have RSS links on them.

Get our feed here:

General Directories

Yahoo RSS This is Yahoo's full listing of RSS feeds

US Government  A list of US government RSS feeds

Newsfeed Directories

ABC Newsfeeds A directory of RSS feeds from the ABC news team

Google Newsfeed  Roundup of the latest news at the Google main news page Directory of tech feeds from, ZDNet,, TechRepublic,, GameSpot, and Webshot

Feed2list Directory of RSS feeds with search engine. Includes audiocast, videocast and textfeeds

Feedage Searchable, categorized directory of RSS feeds

National Weather Service Feeds available from the US National Weather Service

The New York Times Full set of feeds for the New York Times

National Public Radio (NPR) Full set of feeds for NPR content (Public Radio)

USA Today Full set of RSS feeds for USA Today content

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