Skill Bars

$ 5.00

Add a dynamic bit of info to your Muse site, promoting your skill set with some stylish animation.

Drop copies of this widget onto your canvas to demonstrate skills and proficiencies relative to each other, with the added dimension of animation. Animated skill bars are perfect for resume webpages, team member pages, "genius bars," as well as lists of products and services you specialize in. Stretch the widget container to any size, set the background color, the font face, size and color, and then use the flyout panel to format the animated fill color and percent of fill, and y-line "key value" where you'd like the animation to take place.

We learned a production tip  the hard way: stylize your first animated "skill bar," and THEN copy and paste multiples. All that's left is changing the label and percentage on each bar.

Any other interesting uses? Let us know! We'd like to see creative applications of this widget.

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