Time-Based Backgrounds

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Three different widgets (plus two BONUS widgets!) to automate how and when Muse will display images or colors based on time of day.

Be sure to click "Live Preview" above to see the widgets in action! 

Background Color by Daypart

Enhance your page by displaying different full-page background colors depending on the time of day. Customize up to six different dayparts, each set to display a different different color. Choose colors to reflect sunshine or moonlight, or happy hours, sale hours, or just for a change of scenery. 

Background Image by Daypart

This widget will set your entire page background to an image of your choosing based on up to three different time periods.

For an image to scroll, consider the next widget, "Image by Daypart."

Image by Daypart

You may find yourself designing a page with a dominant image, but a separate image in its own container. And it sure would be nice for that image to be different depending on the time of day: sunrise for the morning, beach at dusk for the evening, and the moon at night.  

The "Image by Daypart" widget automatically changes an image on your page based on times of day you set in the widget flyout panel. (Unlike the "BG Image by Daypart" widget that sets the entire page background.)

Background Color Change

Bonus Widget

This bonus widget isn't tied to any specific time of day, but it does create a nice, dynamic background that transitions smoothly between random colors. Drag the widget onto your page and set the rate for the background color to change, and that's it. 

Time-Based Messages

Bonus Widget

This widget isn't graphical, but it helps personalize a visitor's experience by adapting to the time of day they visit your site. Enter up to six different messages to be displayed at times you assign. Then use Muse's internal text formatting to stylize the message. Combine this with the Clock widget for a truly specific time message.

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